Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Pirate Bay On Trial

On 16 February The Pirate Bay is being taken to court against infringing numerous copyrights. I appreciate that these details are quite sketchy but this is all the information which I could glean from TorrentFreak.

The trial is shaping up to be the biggest case of intellectual copyright being infringed in the entertainment industry since the closure of Napster.

Regardless of whether you believe the mass distribution of information is a case of evolution in culture, or a blatant infringement and exploitation of intellectual property, it is clear that the creative and media industries need to be more resourceful and entrepreneurial in creating new business models. And that's without even mentioning the state of the global economy.

I decided to warm up for the big trial by watching Steal This Film 2, the second part of a part documentary series on BitTorrents.

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