Saturday, 23 February 2008

Notes from last night's MiniBar

MiniBar is a monthly conference on all things Web 2.0 related, and currently takes place at The Truman's Brewery in East London.

Vodafone Betavine
Mobile apps. Operator agnostic. Building Web community. Hiring. Aggregator for web applications. Google Android. Content adaption. Makes data come across in a format Vodafone specifics.. Contoversial issue?

Folksonomy. Advertising through tags? A plugin, not a business. At moment only supports Wordpress. A way for business' to increase visibility on web? Could you pay a SEO professional to do this for you ?

The infinite canvas. A startup in which all five founders live together in one flat in South Kensington. After have a quick play around, the navigation element is poor.

Social networking for gaming fans. Virtual gameshelf feature. Looking to embed content from XBox Live into site.

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