Thursday, 14 August 2008

Tweet Tweet - The World's First Twitter-Driven Club

How's this for the long tail?

Tweet Tweet is a new club night based in Deptford, London, which is priding itself on being the first Twitter driven club night.

The playlist is tweet-ed in real time. Their first ever night takes place August 29. Full details here

I suppose a similar Last.FM scrobbling type club night could also exist. The BBC incorporated scrobbling on all of their radio shows earlier in the year. In fact I believe some clubs may already scrobble all of their content? Can someone enlighten me on this?

Anyway to sum up, props to Tweet Tweet for coming up with the concept behind the night. This is a great example of serving a niche, and what Seth Godin would refer to as a Purple Cow.

Whether or not the night will prove to be anything more than a novelty proves to be seen but I expect them to receive a fair amount of media/blog coverage off the back of the unique concept.

Back in 2004 I briefly put on a night called OurSpace to tap into the MySpace phenomenon, at the Luminaire in London. However, I cancelled the night in fear of Murdoch's lawyers moving in.


Sketch said...

You may give it props. My thoughts are - "oh dear".

My friend supposedly did the world's first Youtube club night a couple years back - not sure what it actually entailed.

I'd love to hear about the BBC scrobbling thing - any links?

I'm all for interactive entertainment. But this just seems novel for the sake of it. Especially when they give a list of "stuff we will/might/won't play".

Nick said...

Hey Sketch,

I'm not sure this concept will last but I think it has interest from a novelty point of view.

Surely it could become more interactive if people inside the club could tweet reccomendations. However, whether anyone inside the club would hold an account on Twitter is another question altogether.

Re. interatctive entertainment, maybe the physical interaction entertainment is coming? Perhaps, Nintendo could come up with a concept measuring the body movements of everyone inside a club?

re. The BBC on Last.FM check this link out