Monday, 19 May 2008

How To Crack Hype Machine Part 2

I've been in Brighton for a few days at The Great Escape. I was hoping to upload an interview with Anthony Volodkin, founder of Hype Machine. However, my sound recorder died.

Anyway here's the spiel on how to crack Hype Machine.

This is ideally suited to artists within the "dance" genre.

1. Research the most blogged tracks on Hype Machine.
-Do this by click on the "Popular" tag, or ideally subscribing to the RSS feed directly. Some scant information on the most blogged artists is also featured on the front page.
Find a buzz track by a buzz band that hasn't been remixed yet.

2. Manipulate/remix the track by using music software like Garage Band.
-It doesn't matter if you have no musical ability whatsoever. Just play around. Supply and demand will ensure your remix gains traction through its scarcity.

3. Retitle your remix to make sure it has the name of you or the artist you are representing. Do this with the meta data too. This will help the track gain some "Google juice," and become more visible overall on search engines.

4. Use the Hype Machine to search for bloggers who posted the original version of the track.
-Email them directly with your new mix.

5. Sit back and wait for your "masterpiece" to race into the Hype Machine chart.

I tried this a couple of weeks ago with the "Nikolai Levey's Floating In Space Remix" of the new Coldplay song. Around three bloggers posted the track, it got a lot of comments and peaked in the Hype Machine chart at number 37.

It would have got a lot higher had it been any good but my friend John (who has no musical ability whatsoever) knocked it together in around three minutes. Props to my man over in NYC, David Rothblatt, for helping spread the word too.

This isn't rock science. I predict that in a very short period of time Hype Machine will be filled with a lot of unofficial remixes of varying quality.


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