Monday, 26 May 2008

Micro Media

This weekend I decided to pull my finger out and have another go at setting up my Friend Feed account. I initially tried this a couple of months ago but somehow my Twitter account got hacked in the process, and I had to start over.

So after having another bash today I synched my Last.FM, Twitter, and (newly opened) Flickr account. My new mobile phone is setup, so that as soon as I take a photo it gets published to Flickr. I've now got a feed comprising of all of these different sources coming through on my Facebook feed.

In turn, I've also synched my Twitter application on Facebook to integrate my Tweets as Facebook status updates.

All in all, I've now got my very own micro media channel, narrowcasting to around 500 people per day. Hell, at this rate I may even start taking advertising space, and make every tenth Tweet an advert for Reebok.

I decided to take these drastic steps after attending Chinwag's Micro Media debate in London last week. It was a bit pricey but there was complimentary finger good and a free bar, which did provide some sort of salvation. Read about it here (click)

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