Thursday, 1 May 2008

RIP The Shared Experience. Long Live The Shared Conversation.

One thing which the fragmentation of the media has done is kill the shared experience.

I'll cite the example of television. How often do you watch television with your entire family? Exactly.

Due to audience segmentation, watercooler moments in society still exist but they are in decline. The only time the viewing figures for television in the UK will hit 20 million plus is if there is a tragedy a la Princess Diana dying or a huge national sporting triumph like England reaching the world cup final.

Instead the notion of sharing continues to exist through conversations. This struck me today on Facebook with the number of friends updating their status updates with comments about the London mayoral elections. But what I just don't get is something like this would transfer so much better on Twitter, where it is possible to follow conversations with a common theme. One of the best applications for doing this is with Quotably That's just one to get you started with. As Twitter has opened up their API there are oodles of other amazing apps.

If you're watching next month's European Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United you can now have some friendly banter from your couch with
supportser of both your team and opposition.

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