Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Universal acquires Stereogum

It seems John Batelle's prediction of media conglomerates acquiring blogs in 2008 is becoming a reality. Universal has just bought Stereogum for $5 million.

Read about the story here

Who is going to be the next buyout target? I'm putting my money on Perez Hilton. If anyone at Emap/Bauer is reading this snapping up Perez may just save the Heat brand.

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Steve Upstairs said...

unbelievable! This is proof that the music industries future is built around music as a free entity and profit being driven from ad revenue.

Nick said...

i think that's true for the entire creative industries, and digital businesses at large. Check Chris Anderon's wiki for enlightenment


Nick said...

ps. and Madonna's recent advertising promotions ahead of her album release is an illustration of this.